Hamon Enviroserv

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Hamon Enviroserv, Essen, provides CFD simulations for different applications. CFD have been used by the specialists of Hamon Enviroserv since 2006 to solve a wide variety of engineering problems.

CFD is used for different types of flow:

  • single phase flow – for example gas flow in gas ducts
  • two phase flow – for example interaction between droplets and gas in a wet scrubber
  • three phase flow – for example complex flow in a Circulating Dry Scrubber (CDS) with gas, solid particles and water droplets


CFD is used for different types of application:

  • DeSOx technologies: wet scrubber, CDS technology, oxidation basin
  • Filter technologies: ESP, fabric filter, hybrid filter
  • DeNOx technologies: SCR, SNCR
  • Ducting: flow homogenisation, optimised guiding vanes, mixer, duct routing

CFD is used to improve the technologies provided by Hamon Enviroserv, to achieve stable gas flow, a well precipitation of SO2 and dust and an optimal plant design for the minimisation of pressure loss.

For customers we offer CFD studies to solve individual flow related problems. Our aim is to analyse the situation quickly and to offer a technically mature and realisable solution. These solutions are prepared in close cooperation with our customers. Due to this, we are able to prepare studies:

  • rapid
  • flexible
  • outcome-driven
  • innovative

We are always ambitioned to get more complex and meaningful models. For this we use the well-developed commercial simulation software ANSYS CFX with additional toolboxes for geometry and mesh generation. In addition to that we use extensions made by our own if necessary. With our HPC cluster we have adequate hardware capacities for setting up large and complex simulations.